Our immigration consulting services include specialized services for Provincial Nominee Program, Ontario Entrepreneur Stream, and the customized immigration plans designed by a group of immigration professionals.

In terms of Provincial Nominee Program, we help applicants to complete all applications from provincial nominations to federal immigration. And with the launch of the immigration application service, the majority of students and new immigrants have more opportunities to enjoy one-stop, all-round service from accounting training to job recommendation and then to the immigration.

In terms of Ontario Entrepreneur Stream, SunPros International Consulting Ltd is continually providing this service after Canadian government introduced this new policy. Therefore, we are strongly recommending the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream as the best option for applicants.
This new immigration policy has been significantly revised with lower language requirements, less spending, more flexible capital management, and faster migration processing. Since Ontario is the second province to have its own immigration law after Quebec, Entrepreneur Stream is likely to create new immigration trends and the places available are expected to be limited. However, our professional team will provide customers with all services from the submission of the business plan to the final immigration to Canada, helping customers to save money as well as their own time and maintain a peace of mind without worries.

The qualifications for Ontario Entrepreneur Stream have been more accessible to the foreigners, including a reduction of the investment threshold to $800,000 of net assets and an investment of $500,000. The conditions for immigration are also much looser than before, since the requirements only are the creation of two Canadian local employment opportunities and the language achievement of CLB5 within two years. In addition, the applicant has full control of their investment funds and will be granted with two-year working permit that allows the applicate to enjoy same benefits with permanent residents.

The exhaustive four steps for application conclude:
Submitting Business Proposals and Applications    ​Applying for Work Visas    Approving Landings to Create Business and Learn English    Lifting Immigration Conditions

Centered on the above steps, we provide services including the completion and submission of business plan that certified and signed by the Canada CPA, the submission of all the required materials, the completion of all the application steps, and finally the lifting of immigration conditions signed by the CPA. Moreover, we also furnish the applicants with the placement of accommodation in advance, with the applicant familiar with the Canadian environment and the relevant procedures to search for appropriate investment opportunities. We can offer assistance regarding the management of wealth by providing investment advice, business management as well as corporate tax returns, and the purchase of real estate and other business properties.