As SunPros International Consulting Ltd has many years of service experience in Canada, we are not only very aware of local situation in Canada, but also very familiar with the elite schools in Canada.

First of all, with years of operation, we can offer a relevant and comprehensive analysis for customers who want to become international students, including school rankings, school advantages and geographical locations. In addition, we can also provide customers who intend to study abroad with study tours to comprehensively understand the prestigious schools in Canada.

Secondly, based on the real thoughts and the actual situation of international students, our best judgment will be made regarding the selection of the best and most suitable institutions, which are ranging from junior high school to the University. Furthermore, we offer accommodation arrangement services in advance before the students arrive in Canada so that they can fully prepare for their future study. The main content of this arrangement service includes the contact with a good rental or Home Stay, the service of flight pick-up, and even the purchase of property in the school district for the future planning. We are dedicated to considering the interests of students from not only the schools we recommended are reliable and well-known, but also they perfectly match with the future development of the students.

Last but not least, due to the continuous change of policies regarding international education in Canada, we have kept updated the education information so that our customers have the first access to the circumstance and make timely decision. This exclusive service will help increase customer satisfaction and facilitate the decision marking and studying life of students.

So far, more and more students have started a new learning chapter in Canada with our assistance.