At Sun, CPA, Professional Corporation, we take a proactive approach to tax services. We focus on your needs and situation, and will take advantage of every deduction, every credit, and every opportunity to put more money in your pocket. We'll identify key tax- planning opportunities that can minimize both your current and future tax liabilities and help you put these plans in action throughout the year. 
  • Preparing Canadian personal tax returns, small business & partnership tax returns, corporation tax returns and trust tax returns
  • Preparing US personal & corporation tax returns
  • Filing HST, WSIB, EHT, Payroll Tax and other tax returns; preparing T4, T4A, T3, T5 , T5018 & ROE
  • Providing the application services for SR&ED tax refunds for manufacturing and technology company
  • Providing the services of government tax appealing and preparing working paper for auditing
As a professional accounting firm with many years of experience in Toronto, Sun, CPA, Professional Corporation is well versed in tax knowledge and has accumulated many years of tax reporting experience. We have been dedicated to complying with the Canadian tax act, making a reasonable tax avoidance and effective reduction of income tax liabilities combined with the customer’s actual situation, and helping maximize the after-tax income.

More specifically, we can do income splitting among several family members or legal entities, defer income tax liabilities through a series of investment plans such as pension plan, and help customers plan for consumption tax relief and other series of tax planning and allocation.

Our customer is not only limited to Canada residents or PR, non-residents are also listed. In addition, we can help customers deal with letters and requirements from CRA. We have been assisting our clients who are not covered by tax law to solve personal and corporate tax issues, including overseas assets, work and business tax issues so that the customers will not be troubled by the unfamiliar tax issues.