Insurance Series

A. Insurance Series
Premiums Refund Type Premium will be completed guaranteed within 15 years,premiums will be refund when compensation happened。The Cost is only $900。
Whole Life Insurance Premium will be completed guaranteed within 15or 20 years. Annual dividend,Stably obtain high returns and high growth.
Comprehensive Life Insurance Very flexible. You can choose the investment portfolio and premium payment term yourself. It combines the investment and insurance to one set.
Term Life Insurance 10, 20 years or tailor-made term to meet the mortgage payment term needs.
*Whole Life Insurance
Whole life insurance provides a combination of permanent life insurance whole life insurance protection and an opportunity for tax- preferred cash value growth. As a multiple-function financial product which is perfectly suitable for children or high-asset people participating life insurance is equipped with a series of functions including capital protection asset appreciation risk management tax planning retirement protection and heritage planning receiving popular recognition and welcome from children or high-capitalized people.
Specific advantages are as follow:
  • The yield on the policy account is stable and high. Over the past 60 
years the average dividend rate has been as high as 7% the stability and recognition of which is already higher than the same- level products. Moreover, the accretion of dividend is compounded and tax-free. 

  • Invested capital can be used as a supplement to retirement funds or as other emergency funds so that the policy holder has easy access to the invested capital. 

  • Capital in policy accounts will not fluctuate due to changes in the market so the share of dividends will not be reduced due to the bear market. 

  •  Policy account has a policyholder protection function which guarantee assets not to be frozen when unexpected emergency happens.
 B. Critical disease insurance
paid out in 15 years with life-time effective
able to withdraw entire amount after 15 years
with diverse payment projects
C. Travel Medical Insurance
  1. Super Visa insurance, minimum price $3,000, 30% discount;
  2. Parents or family visitors (minimum $1.56 per day);
  3. New immigrations without OHIP (minimum $1.56 per day);
  4. International students (minimum $1.50 per day);
  5. Travelers in Ontario or around the globe (minimum $1.56 per day)